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ACADEMICWORD is the English editing and translation service for researchers, academics, institutions, and businesses.  We give you access to a team of specialty editors and translators from medicine, the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, law, business, and the humanities.


Our Ivy League-educated leadership guarantees that your final document will meet the standards for composition of the international academic publishing community.  You pay nothing until you are fully satisfied.

Non-Native English Speakers

We recognize the challenges of communicating ideas in English that are specific to your language.  Our editors have knowledge in a variety of languages, and we endeavor to match our editors within your specialty to your language.

Our editing process places your writing on equal footing with native English speakers.  This allows journal editors and referees to focus on the content of your document, without being distracted by errors in usage or style.
For a fast and free quote, please click here.

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